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Special Riggers License:
5911 (John Weiss Jr.)
6365 (Eric Stalzer)

We are licensed special riggers in New York City. We specialize in providing access for difficult to reach areas.

We provide custom design rigging including electric and rope two-point suspended scaffolding with parapet C-hooks and cantilever-weighted rigs.

We provide aerial work platforms with safety trained operators.

We do bosun’s chair rigging for difficult to reach areas.

We do layout, erection and design of steel pipe, with access to engineered scaffolding systems and installation.

We provide sidewalk protection services for the public including permits, lights, razor wire, alarm systems, advertising signs, and side panels painted in custom colors.

We can arrange for experienced rock climbers for access to extreme locations. Information on request.

We are able to arrange helicopter lift and airborne rigging for difficult projects. Ask us about Perry’s Victory Monument.

We can arrange for temporary protection, shoring, and sidewalk bridges. Sidewalk protection and scaffolding can be arranged on short or emergency notice.

Masonry Cleaning

General Masonry Cleaning

Experienced in using the products of many different cleaning-chemical manufacturers, in both traditional and modern methods of masonry cleaning, we do not limit ourselves to providing a short list of wonder products.

We are able to arrange manufacturer consultations from technical representatives to visit your site prior to making decisions that could either be costly or do damage to your building. A mock-up and cleaning sample is usually available at no additional charge.

Our cleaning technology ranges from sponges to adjustable hot/cold water blast machines, poultice, water-soak bars, needle scalers, hydro-silica, and soft-aggregate blasting. We are continuously researching and experimenting with new methods of masonry cleaning.

Our wide range of experience comes from our providing of test cleaning programs for architectural conservators on prominent historic structures.

Paint Removal

Familiar with many paint removal processes we also remove large areas of paint or other coatings from masonry, including environmental containment and disposal.

Graffiti Removal

We remove small areas of paint from masonry, including delicate historic marbles, art statuary, brownstone, brick, concrete block, limestone, sandstone, granite, and travertine.

Though in most cases we do not recommend anti-graffiti coatings, we will apply them.

Aggregate Blasting

We can arrange low-pressure aggregate blasting with walnut shells, corncob, pecan shells, plastic aggregate, beaded glass, crushed glass, and aluminum oxide.

Our aggregate blasting work is specific and delicate to the historic fabric. One of our projects involved removal of the gold leaf, under direction of an art conservator, from the Prometheus statue at Rockefeller Center, using crushed glass and hydra-silica blast equipment.



We can arrange for the visual and instrumental survey of existing roof systems. We provide identification and documentation of areas of water penetration and defective conditions. We provide consulting on appropriate repair of historic building envelope systems. During the roofing inspectionwe can assist in computer modeling & help with writing the specifications.

Re-roofing/ Roof-Overs

We can provide FleeceBack systems over your existing roofing with a full warranty.

Single Ply Roofing

We provide the installation of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) membranes in various systems such as Ballasted, Adhered & Mechanically fastened. We install T.P.O. (Thermoplastic polyolefin) systems such as Self Adhering Peel & Stick, Adhered & Mechanically fastened.

Roof Gardens

We provide the installation of of various roofing that roof gardens can be installation as well as the installation of traditional and tray gardens with full warranties for both roofing and plantings.

Modified Bitumen

We provide installation of many Modified bitumen membrane systems. We provide Design Line specifications specific to your project. We are approved Platinum Level installers. We have qualified resources that do these types of modern roofs.

Slate and Tile

We do repair, replacement and new installations of traditional slate and tile roofs. We search out and provide a wide range of natural slate to match existing and historic installations. We match and replace red roof tile, including repair and new installations.


We can arrange for installation of asphalt and fiberglass shingles.


We cut in of masonry reglets and install metal flashings.

Metal and Siding Panel Systems

We provide for raised and flat seam copper roofs, gutters, leaders, ridges, and ornate soffits. Access to all sorts of ornamental sheet metal work, various weights of sheet metal, in copper, lead coated copper, galvanized and carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


We provide for cleaning of drain systems, installation of retrofit drains, relocation of existing drains and drain lines, gutters and leaders, splash blocks, scupper boxes, and leader heads.


We can supply and install custom fabricated and prebuilt skylights and roof access hatches. We do restoration of existing skylights. Materials include copper, galvanized, polycarbonate panels, tinted and opaque glass.



Application of exterior breathable masonry coatings in color.

Exterior breathable masonry coatings, clear.


Exterior painting of cornices, lintels, windows and fire escapes.

Cleaning and painting of cast iron facades.


Membranes for sidewalks, vaults and mechanical equipment rooms.


Installation of flashings interior to masonry walls.


Caulking of stone, windows, doors, trim and panel systems, and expansion joints. Exterior vertical and horizontal masonry surfaces. Sidewalks and entrance facades. Stonework, cast iron, and terra cotta.


Bird Proofing

We install many types of mechanical bird proofing including netting and plastic owls.

Pigeon Droppings

We remove pigeon droppings from facade areas, window ledges, cornices, water tables, steeples, and tower areas.

Waste Disposal

We can arrange for legal environmental disposal of lead, asbestos, and biological products.


Varied Finishes

We provide broom, trowel, exposed aggregate, and colored concrete finishes.

Patching Repair

Polymer mortar repair and restoration of concrete. Epoxy injection of concrete.

Concrete Spandrels

Cleaning, repair, and patching of concrete spandrels on high-rise buildings.

Parking Garage Decks

Patching and repair, structural repair to parking garage concrete decks.


Removal and replacement of concrete, including sidewalks, curbs, and driveways.


Non-structural formwork and cast-in-place concrete.

Sheet Metal Work

Metal Panel Systems

LITSCO Streamline aluminum panels. Flexospan and siding panels. Reynolds Metals wall systems. Fabral Alumax architectural panel systems. Mansards, fascias, equipment screens, soffits and wall panels.

Coping Covers

Aluminum and copper coping covers. Lead coated copper. Stainless steel. Extruded aluminum.


We fabricate custom pitch-pans, gravel stop, gutters, scuppers, and leader heads.

Drip Pans

We do installation of parking garage and ceiling drip pans.


Repair and replacement of sheet metal cornices. Architectural ornamental details.

All sheet metal materials, all gages and thickness.

Stone – Member of the Building Stone Institute


Extensive experience in cleaning of all types of stone.


Custom and specialty stone restoration. Granite, limestone, brownstone, marble, and sandstone. Paving, veneer, dimension, rubble, carved, sidewalk and arch masonry. Building exteriors, retaining walls, and fireplaces.


We do epoxy and polyester resin repair, epoxy injection, color and texture matching, and interior shellac patching.


We do stone consolidation using ProSoCo and Conservare products.


We work with replacement of natural stone and substitute materials in polymer precast, GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), and fiberglass reproductions. We have network contacts with a large number of suppliers of natural and substitute architectural materials.


Sculptural services using natural stone can be provided on prior arrangement.

Composite Patching

We are experienced with many composite patching materials and with traditional techniques of stone and stucco repairs.



CL.2 Exempt Registration TW # - 2662
NY DOT Number: 00563910

Home Improvement


Home Improvement Contractor License - 1247661
South Hampton Home Improvement License - L00296

Terra Cotta

Replacement & Repairs

We provide for survey, fabrication, replacement, restoration, repair, installation, repointing, grouting and cleaning of terra cotta.

New Installations

Installation of new architectural terra cotta and fine-art mural tile.


New and Restoration

We remove and install new and salvaged brickwork.


We do crack repair, investigative probes, caulking, pointing, grouting, and replacement of damaged brickwork.


We do brick matching searches, provide for brick analysis, and provide custom precast matching to historic brick.


We arrange for mortar analysis involving historic aggregates, matching of tooling. We do hand-cut and diamond-blade cut mortar joints.

Control Joints

We install control and expansion joints.


We install drilled, plastic, and rope weeps.


We install flashings on the interior of masonry walls, thru wall and all other types of flashings.


Structural exterior and interior probes.